... Possum Merino Kite Socks by Untouched World – Clevedon Woolshed

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Untouched World Ecopossum Possum Merino Kite Sock - Slate
Untouched World Possum Merino Kite Sock - Slate

Possum Merino Kite Socks by Untouched World

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Untouched World's signature Ecopossum™ Kite Socks can’t be beaten for warmth. These lower calf length socks feature our contrast kite motif on either side of the ankle.

Fibre Blend: Ecopossum™ 50% Merino, 40% Possum, 10% Silk

Made in New Zealand
Merino, possum, silk and sometimes angora 
Cold gentle hand wash using wool detergent 
Recycle, upcycle or compost at end of life


Ecopossum™ is an exclusive blend of fine Merino wool, luxurious Brushtail possum fibre and silk. The stunning combination of Merino and Brushtail possum fibre creates featherweight softness and outstanding wearing qualities. Ecopossum™ yarn is unique in that it feels cashmere soft and is incredibly warm, yet it will not pill (rub). This is due to Brushtail possum fibre having a hollow structure and no scales. Air is trapped both within the fibre and in the fabric when blended with high crimp, fine Merino, creating a soft, lightweight, and exceptionally warm garment that has very high performance and durability characteristics. Ecopossum™ garments also wash extremely well.

Ecopossum™ yarn was first developed by Snowy Peak Limited (the parent company of Untouched World™) in 1992, the first new natural fibre to be used in a textile in over 100 years. All garments made from Ecopossum™ carry an assurance of quality from forest to finished garment, and a guarantee of essential fibre selection and processing controls.