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Zealong Sweet Amber Botanical Collection Tea
Zealong Sweet Amber Botanical Collection Tea Bag
Zealong Sweet Amber Botanical Collection Tea Blend

Zealong Botanicals Sweet Amber – 15 Pyramid Bags in Black Gift Tin

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Zealong Tea Estate is the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, producing 100% organic award-winning tea from an Oolong varietal - Camellia Sinensis.
Sweet Amber is a comforting blend of warming ginger and tangy lemon that naturally enhances the honey sweetness in Zealong’s black tea.
Dry leaf Plenty of large black leaf, broken lemon myrtle leaf and large ginger chunks
Liquor Brews to a rich deep amber
Aroma Sweet tart lemon and a warm spicy ginger
Texture Soft and smooth
Taste Crisp tangy lemon, followed by the sweet honey of Zealong Black, and a warming ginger finish


The all-natural tea bags use plant starch as their base material. They are made from non-GMO, renewable plant sources, and leach out no harmful matter if burnt or buried, so they are 100% food-safe and non toxic. They are also compostable under the right conditions.

15 biodegradable pyramid bags / 35g

Tea bags are reuseable up to 5-8 times (pop in the fridge between use). Initial infusion is around 1.5 minutes with an additional infusion time of 30-60 seconds for each following infusion.