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True Honey 1000+ MGO NZ Manuka Honey
True Honeys range of high potency 300+ MGO Manuka Honey
True Honey Manuka Honey Range
True Honey's innovative packaging

True Honey 1000 MGO NZ Manuka Honey

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This extremely rare, super high potency 1000+ MGO Manuka honey has some of the highest Manuka purity you will find anywhere. The tingle you feel at the back of the throat is a mark of its concentration of Manuka. As this is a raw product direct from nature, slight flavour or colour variations are part of its beauty.

Every batch of True Honey Co. Manuka honey is independently tested and guaranteed to contain at least 1000mg Methylglyoxal per kg. Made inNew Zealand

125gram jars

Manuka Honey from New Zealand's most remote and pristine locations. True Honey harvest, craft, bottle & sell authentic high rated MGO Manuka Honey.  True Honey sell only Manuka honey rated 300+ MGO, and independently test and guarantee the MGO level in every glass jar.

All True Honey is stored in glass jars and then packaged in innovative boxes that do away with the need for bubblewrap or shrink wrap. The innovative and strong, protective corrugated cardboard outer boxes that double as shipping packaging are full recyclable so when you have finished with it just pop it into your paper recycling. I also think we need to mention that this is some of the most beautiful (and practical) packaging we have ever seen. Ka Pai True Honey.