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The dragon defenders book 2 - the pitbull returns by James Russell
The Dragon Defenders - The Pitbull Returns - Book 2 by James Russell

The Dragon Defenders - The Pitbull Returns - Book 2 by James Russell

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Book Two in the Dragon Defenders novel series. Months have passed since the evil boss the Pitbull stole a dragon's egg from Flynn and Paddy's paradise island. By now it should of hatched. But when he discovers it is nothing more than an egg shaped rock, The Pitbull flies into a terrible rage and  plots revenge.  WIll Flynn and Pddy be able to stop him this time and why is Briar - the Pitbull's niece - trying to help them.

Carrying on from our hugely popular Dragon Hunters series by James Russell come The Dragon Defender books. A fictional chapter book aimed at 7-12 year olds and which our in-house 10 year old reader and critic and his friends couldn't put down.

The Dragon Defenders is only one of a handful of books that have an augmented reality content accessible via a free smartphone app.  James Russell has tried to make the book as exciting as possible and a real page turner as they were the types of books he loved when he was a kid.

In the novels there are several pieces of AR content on various pages. You can examine ships and sailboats in 3D, meet the evil Pitbull in person, eavesdrop on important conversations and take a look around Flynn and Paddy's enchanting island!

Easy to pack and post for overseas gifts.

There are fabulous reviews of these book and Arcadia Bookshop owner Doris Mousdale called them "the best children's book we've had in New Zealand for some time"