The Dragon Riders by NZ Author James Russell
A peek inside The Dragon Riders by NZ Author James Russell
Augmented reality content in each book by James Russell

The Dragon Riders by James Russell

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How did the boys go from knowing absolutely nothing about dragons to having one for a pet? It's getting harder and harder to hide Elton John (they found the name on one of their grandparents' old records) under the covers of the bed - he's almost the size of a horse! And what to feed him? He seems to like everything toasted... Great writing for kids and fabulous evocative illustrations. A special set of books that are great gifts for special kids. The much-loved maps on the end papers of each book now have augmented reality content.

Easy to pack and post for overseas gifts.

There are fabulous reviews of these book and Arcadia Bookshop owner Doris Mousdale called them "the best children's book we've had in New Zealand for some time"

Book one: The Dragon Hunters

Book two: The Dragon Tamers

Book three: The Dragon Riders