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Rose Gold reusable straws
Rose Gold reusable straws

Reuseable Rose Gold Straws

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With the Rose Gold Pack there's no more plastic and you make your drinks look beautiful at the same time! 
Premium feel - made from food grade stainless steel, each Rose Gold Straw Pack contains:
  • 2 x Smoothie Straws 9mm x 215
  • 2 x Bent Drinking Straws 6mm x 215
  • 1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush 
100% Plastic Free Product Including Packaging and Cleaner Brush (made from natural fibre, not nylon). 
Love a straw with your smoothie or juice but hate the plastic? Rose Gold Straws add a beautiful, luxe touch to your drink.
Our metal straws are extremely durable. The Rose Gold straws are also easy to clean and are completely dishwasher/steriliser safe and can be used for a really long time!
Here's some more information about our Rose Gold Reusable Straws:
  • All Rose Gold Straws are stainless steel type 304, 18/8 with a 0.5mm thickness.
  • All straws are polished on the outside and finished to perfection.
  • They are completely reusable, durable and built to last!
  • Our Metal Straws are easy to clean. You can rinse them under the tap after use and then pop them in the dishwasher.
  • All Reusable Rose Gold Straw packs come with a specialised Plastic-Free Cleaner Brush. If you have a juice or smoothie and forget to rinse right away, the Cleaner Brush will clean both the Smoothie and the Drinking Straws (and it does shape itself to go around the corner of the bent straws too!).