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Tony Perotti Furbo Secrid wallet in Deer Leather with coin purse
NZ Deerskin Furbo Wallet with Coin Purse - 3700
NZ Deerskin Furbo Wallet with Coin Purse - 3700
NZ Deerskin Furbo Wallet with Coin Purse - 3700
Tony Perotti Furbo Secrid wallet in Deer Leather with coin purse

NZ Deerskin Furbo Wallet with Coin Purse - 3700

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This compact Tony Perotti wallet has storage space for banknotes and receipts, a coin purse, creditcard slots and additionally a C-Secure aluminum cardholder for 5/6 cards that pops cards out with the press of a button. The entire wallet is RFID protected to stop theft of micro chip data.

 Product Features

  • Space for 9 cards
  • Space for banknotes
  • Coin Purse
  • RFID protected
  • Exterior dimensions 7 (L) 9,6 (H) in cm

Available in black and brown. Brown leather is stitched with contrast stitching and black leather is stitched with black stitching.

Customer Reviews

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Is it the right wallet for you?

The two reasons to get this wallet are the popout card feature and it's high quality/style.
If you don't want both features then there are better options (e.g. cheapo popout wallets are available, or a high quality wallet that focuses more on the non-card features).

For me those are the two features I wanted, and if you don't want to read further - the popout card feature is great, and the quality is certainly there so it has my recommendation!

There are three companies making quality popout card wallets: Ekster, Secrid and Tony Perotti

Tony Perotti is less known for doing this kind of wallet but I stumbled on their option while researching the other two, and came back to it because the others had compromises I didn't like.
Specifically; leather stitching quality and general wallet design attracted me to the Tony Perotti offering, the other companies seemed to not be as good on the stitching, leather edges, and also had less options as to what you can transport in the wallet.
If I buy a lotto ticket, or want to transport bank notes I can put it in this wallet no worries. Same if I end up with coins, I also have a slim memory stick I transport in the coin purse.

I've had the coin-purse brown version for about 2 weeks now.
The popup mechanism is secure, cards don't fall out even if trying to shake them out. With little effort I can pop the cards out and push them back in saving thumbling.

In the popout section I have 5 cards - one embossed card (eftpos), one thick rfid access card, and 3 other cards.
When the embossed card had the emboss side against the wall of the popout area they didn't popout smoothly... I've since flipped that card over and is reliably popping out smoothly now (just a tip).

Beyond that I have another thick rfid card in the trifold area so that I can get building access by moving the wallet over the sensor. and in the coin purse on the other side I have a rfid tag for different building access.

As mentioned above, I can get a small mem stick into the coin purse. However, in the interest of preserving the wallet I wouldn't leave it in there.

NZ notes do not quite fit length wise without folding them first, but folded it is fine and not too bulky
As an aside, any wallet designed around cards first is probably not going to accept notes without folding them first.

The wallet has a nice finish, the stitching looks good and doesn't feel like corners were cut (one of the complaints I heard about the other options I looked at).
All areas have lining even both sides of the bonus card pocket in the trifold part. The leather does feel quite light - which is probably needed to keep the thickness of the wallet down.

Basically the pictures you see here are fully accurate... As for scale, you can get a sense by the metal part being sized to take credit cards.
There is no problem fitting this wallet into my front pocket. (no idea on back pockets as I never use them).

I did transport the wallet with my keys in same pocket, and the keys left a noticeable indent - it's been a few days and that has all but gone, but to keep the wallet in good condition I can tell it will need to be treated well (keys sooner or later would scratch the wallet if in same pocket. I'll be looking into proper ways to maintain leather to improve longevity and keep the wallet looking good.

An extra bonus for me, this wallet is made and sold in NZ. Clevedon Woolshed appears to be making the Tony Perotti design. There was a mix up in the order (a very understandable mix up) and Clevedon were very responsive and easy to engage with to resolve it!

I'd have given it a 4.5 instead of 5 as I don't think anything can ever really be considered flawless... But I was eager to get my hands on this wallet and it has lived up to my expectations so I am quite happy with the choice.