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J Friend New Zealand Botanicals Honey Collection

J Friend New Zealand Botanicals Honey Collection

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We bring you a taste of New Zealand at its purest. The perfect gift for any honey lover, these varietals are unique to New Zealand containing three hand packed glass jars featuring Manuka, Pohutukawa and Kamahi Honey. The perfect gift for any food lover this collection of New Zealand Native honey varietals are sourced from our unique New Zealand landscape.

Manuka Honey: A premium honey with rich toffee and caramel flavours, Manuka honey contains unique plant phenols which are proven to support general health and wellbeing.  Take by the spoonful or stir through yoghurt to maintain inner balance and digestive good health.
Pohutukawa Honey: Pale in colour, well-balanced and lightly floral with a surprising salty finish, this honey is delicious stirred through ricotta to accompany poached fruit or pair with a hard sheep cheese such as pecorino
Kamahi Honey: Buttery golden in colour, this honey has a smooth creamy texture with distinctive lanolin aroma.  Of outstanding quality and revered by chefs for its unique flavour profile, we recommend using it in spicy dishes, adding it to a marinade or vinaigrette

Certified Organic: No chemicals are used on the land where the hives are located. Bees fly within a 3km radius so this surrounding land must be chemical free too.

Single Vintage: Each jar of Honey states the date of harvest and the artisan beekeeper. Honey from Different seasons is not blended.

Single Origin: Each jar of Honey is from one source in one year from a specific region. Never blended. This information is on the jar.