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Ethique Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender and Vanilla
Ethique Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender and Vanilla
Ethique Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender and Vanilla

Ethique Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender and Vanilla

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Glow is a gentle solid deodorant bar for all skin types. It helps prevent body odour and lessens sweating. Our deodorants are made without aluminum and baking soda. Glow is formulated with a mix of aloe vera, bamboo, yeast, horsetail and sage extract. This Glow Solid Deodorant is infused with lavender and vanilla for a sweet smell. 

Why do we use these ingredients?

- Aloe vera gives a lovely, soothing feel whilst helping irritation, keeping the arm pits happy!
- Bamboo is extremely absorbent, as it 'mops' up sweat which means there is nothing for bacteria to munch on and make smelly
- Yeast extract is the deodorising compound, that targets specific bacteria which cause odor and eliminates them, whilst still allowing beneficial bacteria to flourish
- Horsetail and sage extracts, as they are clinically proven to reduce sweating

  • Formulated without baking soda or aluminum
  • All skin types 
  • Prevents odour & lessens sweating

Weight: 70g 

Compostable Packaging / Vegan / Cruelty Free / Palm Oil Free / Climate Friendly

Our Bars Really Work

Our customers tell us the same thing again and again. You rave about how well our products work, far surpassing the quality of salon brands.  Brianne explains that the reason for this is because the bars are super concentrated and made with potent natural ingredients.  Our bars contain no nasties, no preservatives, they are cruelty free and vegan. 


We use biodegradable ingredients and wrappers so our solid bars leave no trace on the planet. You can pop the compostable wrapping in your compost bin. No bottles, jars, lids or pump dispensers contributing to landfill or oceanic pollution.

Climate Friendly

Ethique was recognised as New Zealand’s most sustainable business when awarded an international B Corp certification in July 2015.

All of Ethique’s products are New Zealand-made and manufactured in Christchurch.