Approaching Storm by Nathan Secker

Approaching Storm by NZ Artist Nathan Secker

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Nathan Secker sees himself as "fortunate to be able to indulge a passion", he describes his artwork as a depiction of "the light, the landscape, shapes and colours found in nature”. He adds: “my part is to find a way to present the image as I have seen it. Everyone sees the world with their own filter and I am attempting to show that view through my own eyes".  Approaching Storm beautifully depicts the native NZ Kereru against a stormy background.

Available as:

  • Matted print: 35cm x 28cm
  • Box Frame 15.5cm x 15.5cm
  • Box Frame 30cm x 30cm


We stock a large range of Nathan Secker prints.  Occasionally we need to order a print to be custom printed.  We will advise you of the delivery if we cannot supply immediately - usually 10 days.